All roadmap points will have some degree of benefit to delegators staking to the Fuzz.Fi validator, from discounted fees, kickback rewards, etc. All products will include FUZZ token.
  • Launch Initial Staking Offering (ISO)
  • Launch Swap Platform (~August 2021)
    • Deploy analytics platform
    • Additional multipliers for Fuzz.Fi validator delegators.
    • Auto-compounding Solo Staking
    • Limit Orders
    • 1-to-1 Ethereum/Binance Chain bridged asset swapping (No slippage)
  • Launch Prediction Market (Any event)
    • Self-regulating DAO to handle settlement and disputes
      • Stake FUZZ, receive FUZZ for non-maliciously settling matches and disputes
  • Launch Lending/Borrowing Platform
    • Peer-to-peer L/B
    • Pooled L/B
  • Launch Liquid Staking
    • Allow users to borrow against Fuzz.Fi delegated ONE tokens
  • Launch IFO/IDO platform on Harmony
    • Stake FUZZ/ONE LP tokens to receive new project tokens
  • Launch Decentralized Marketing
    • Build SDK to allow website owners to inject image advertisements from smart contracts
  • Launch Dex Charting Platform
    • Similar to DexTools.io
    • Advanced functionality granted by holding various amounts of FUZZ token
  • Launch YouTube aggregator / middleware with built-in web3 for decentralized tipping, member areas and advertisement payments.
  • Revamp landing pages, rebuild exchange frontend to match branding
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