All roadmap points will have some degree of benefit to delegators staking to the Fuzz.Fi validator and/or FUZZ holders. All applications will include utility for FUZZ token.


  • Launch FuzzBet Prediction Market (Any event)
    • Self-regulating DAO to handle settlement and disputes
    • Stake FUZZ, receive FUZZ for non-maliciously settling matches and disputes
  • Launch Fuzz Governance through Snapshot.org (Sept)


  • Expand to Arbitrum
  • Launch Bracket Challenge
  • FuzzBet
    • Rebase/Upgrade contracts, increase gas efficiency
    • Revamp and make more interactive/gamification/incentivization
    • Launch New FuzzBet on Arbitrum
  • Launch Decentralized Crowdfunding Platform on Harmony
  • Launch Lending/Borrowing Platform
  • Launch Liquid Staking / Auto-Compounding Staking Contract on Harmony
  • Launch Decentralized Marketing Platform


  • Launch Initial Staking Offering (ISO)
  • Launch Swap Platform (~August 2021)
    • Additional multipliers for Fuzz.Fi validator delegators.
    • Auto-compounding Solo Staking