Create Events

To create an event, you must have an author profile created and be verified.
Authors need to be as descriptive as possible to prevent any doubt in the outcome of the events.
For example, if your event is "Will Bitcoin be 42k on 3/15 @ 6pm"? You need to indicate time zone and you need to indicate which price feed.
Below is an explanation for every form field:
  • Event Category
    • These are purely informational, the only exception is if you select Sports, it will ask you for a TheSportsDB.com Event ID. You can leave it blank, however if you enter an Event ID, it will populate the sports teams logos and also the event title and team names.
    • Not all events have logos (UFC, Racing, etc). In this case, you can select sports and not enter an Event ID. If your sporting event doesn't exist, you can create an account and create your own event.
  • Event Type
    • All of these are also information, the only exception being Head-to-Head.
      • Head-to-Head will not increase your reputation score, however you will still receive your commission. This event type will also limit entrants to 1 entrant on each side.
  • Collateral
    • The token that entrants will use to enter your event
    • If you use FUZZ, you will receive an extra 1% of commission
  • Entry Fee Type
    • Static Fee Amount
      • Entrants will be required to enter your event equal to the event fee minimum, nothing more or less.
    • Unlimited Fee Amount
      • Entrants can bet any amount equal to or above the event fee minimum
  • Event Fee Minimum
    • The minimum amount an entrant must deposit to enter your event
  • Home Team / Option 1 (Self-explanatory)
  • Away Team / Option 2 (Self-explanatory)
  • Event Title
    • Short description about what the event is about. Does not need to be specific, you can use the description for that.
  • Event Description
    • It's recommended authors use the description field to explain any price feeds, websites, or any specific information that will be used to select the winner of the event, along with a detailed explanation of your event if it's unique.
  • When Betting Ends
    • The date and time when entrants will no longer be able to enter the event
    • The date cannot be more than 1 month in the future
    • For sports, that's typically the start of the game, however for price predictions it would be much earlier
  • When Selection Starts
    • The date when you can select the winner of the event.
    • Authors need to be extremely specific/accurate or overshoot if their event has an uncertain event finish/selection period. If your selection period ends too soon, you could lose your event to an author takeover (54 hours after selection starts)
  • Secure Event Stake: 10,000 FUZZ
    • To create an event, it costs 10,000 FUZZ which will be returned once you have successfully completed an event.
    • You will lose this stake if you select the wrong team.