Staking Reward Boost

You can stake to our validator HERE

For every 10,000 ONE staked to our validator, you will receive a minimum of 5.025% plus 0.025% per 10,000 after that. If you stake less than 10,000 ONE, you will still receive a 1% staking reward boost.
This only applies to Producer Pools, it does not apply to single staking Reverb Pools
  • You can only see Producer Pool boosts while in CARD viewing mode
  • This boost is applied to any FUZZ Producer pools you may be staking with.
  • Staking amounts are updated every 2 hours, until that update occurs you won't see your staking bonus.
  • If you undelegate completely, you will still retain whatever amount you have accrued minus the amount you accrued in the most recent 2 hours.
For example, if you delegate 1,000,000 tokens to our validator, you will receive a 7.5% boost to your Producer LP rewards on any Producer pool you're staked to.