Auto FUZZ Reverb Pool

Stake FUZZ, earn FUZZ!

You've now got two delicious flavors of FUZZ-FUZZ Reverb Pool to choose from: Auto-compounding, and Manual. Read on to learn more!

What’s the difference between the “Auto FUZZ Pool” and the “Manual FUZZ Pool”?

With both pools, you can simply stake your FUZZ tokens to earn more FUZZ tokens.

But there are some differences:

Manual FUZZ

  • You need to harvest or compound (reinvest) your FUZZ by yourself. That means returning to the site, tapping buttons, and using a bit of ONE for transaction fees.

  • Interest is displayed as APR, which doesn’t include compounding.

  • Deposits REVERB Token to your wallet upon staking


  • Stake your FUZZ and forget about it! The FUZZ you stake in this Reverb Pool will be automatically compounded (reinvested) for you, minus a small fee.

  • The “automatic” compounding function is triggered by other users who get a small bounty for triggering it.

  • Interest is displayed as APY, which includes compounding.

  • A small performance fee is subtracted from your earnings each time the pool is automatically compounded. See below.

  • An unstaking fee applies when you unstake within 3 days of manually staking. See below.

  • Does not deposit REVERB to your wallet upon staking

What are the fees for the Auto FUZZ Reverb Pool?

Deposit fee

  • None

Unstaking fee

  • 3% if you unstake (withdraw) within 72 hours.

  • Only applies within 3 days of manually staking.

  • After 3 days, you can unstake with no fee.

  • The 3-day timer resets every time you manually stake more FUZZ in the pool.

  • This fee only applies to manual unstaking: it does not apply to automatic compounding.

Performance fee

  • 2%, subtracted automatically from each yield harvest.

  • For example, if the harvest was 1 FUZZ, then 0.02 FUZZ would be subtracted as the performance fee.

The FUZZ collected via the unstaking fee and performance fee is burned as part of the regular FUZZ token burns.

This is a good thing for FUZZ holders because it reduces the overall amount of FUZZ tokens in existence, which helps reduce inflation.

What's the best way to use the Auto FUZZ Reverb Pool?

Simple: stake your FUZZ, but only withdraw after 72 hours (if you need to). This way you only pay the performance fee, and not the unstaking fee.

What’s the Auto FUZZ bounty?

Auto FUZZ Bounty: 0.25% of all Auto FUZZ pool users’ pending yield

This bounty is given as a reward for providing a service to other users.

Whenever you successfully claim the bounty, you’re also helping out by activating the Auto FUZZ Pool’s compounding function for everyone.

Make sure the amount of FUZZ you receive will be greater than the ONE fees you’ll spend to submit the blockchain transaction!

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